This is a true story 

Summary: I grew up thinking my Mother didn't love me and had abandoned me. I walked on eggshells every day around my Father, a former Marine who idolized Hitler of all people. My saving grace was my Grandmother and other female figures who came into my life to take the place of my Mother. Sadly, both of my siblings died young, my brother committed suicide, my sister drank herself to death. If it wasn't for my children, I may very well have succumbed to the same fate. They are my reason for living, my guiding lights in a dark world.

I created this website as an outlet for my true life story. Names, places and so on have been changed to protect the innocent (and even not so innocent) so I don't get sued. If you're looking for a memoir that you can read online for free, you're in the right place.

Disclaimer: Adult subject matter, by viewing my page you agree that you are 18+

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